Welcome at Fleurations BV
Recently, Fleurations B.V. has started to operate as a breeder in the Chrysanthemum market. Fleurations B.V. is a subsidiary of Evanthia B.V.
This company that is based in ’Monster has for some years been successfully breeding its own line of ornamental crops, including some well-known cut flowers such as Lisianthus, Matricaria, Antirrhinum, Celosia, Matthioloa and Helianthus. The parent company sells flower seeds and plant material for a broad range of cut flowers, pot plants and bedding plants and also sells bedding plants from cuttings. In addition it markets foliage and tropical pot plants.

Based upon the data on limited availability of innovating cultivars within the Chrysanthemum assortment, Evanthia  has started small-scale breeding and also testing of a few types. This way, attempting to meet the demand for new types.

After small-scale trials in several locations, the space that became available within Evanthia was especially set-up for growing Chrysanthemums. From 2003, the Chrysanthemum activities have been combined under the name Fleurations. The aim is to grow new cut spray mums all year round, meaning that novelties on average will be introduced to the market after 12 to 18 months.

Sample trays with new material will be selectively placed with growers, with the explicit remark that Fleurations exclusively wishes to develop varieties. Growers that do plant a variety are free to select at which company they wish to house the mother plants and the rooting. The general starting point at introduction is the fact that a grower has the exclusivity of a particular variety for the period of one year.

Fleurations is positive about the results as achieved until now and is working hard on new and improved varieties that will be a welcome addition to the existing assortment.